Masters in Digital Marketing

The training program is made to cover all aspects of internet marketing and suitable for everyone, whether a Student, Job Seeker, Entrepreneur, Working Professional or Business Owner. This Program is designed to provide a great learning experience to aspirants. Our program has helped many to develop their digital skills and begin a successful career in the internet marketing field by starting with 12 Essential modules. Post that they can get specialization in Search Engine Optimization, Online advertising, and Social Media Marketing. We also offer Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing Module. After successful completion, the aspirant is able to place himself/herself well in the internet marketing arena and start earning.

Section 1 : Internet Marketing Basics and Future (8Modules)

Module info & Overview

1: Introduction to Internet Marketing Module

2: How To Plan Digital Marketing Campaign

3: Digital Banner Designing Module

4: Ebooks Publishing Module

5: Video Creation Strategy Module

6: Youtube Marketing Module

7: How To Generate Leads Online Module

8: Email Marketing Module

Section 2 : Website Development & Content Strategy (4Modules)

Module info & Overview

9: Building Your Website Module

10: Web Analytics & Traffic Reporting Module

11: Inbound Marketing Module

12: Web Content Writing

Specialisation 1 : Online Advertising (7 Modules)

Module info & Overview

Module13: Online Advertising Foundation Module

14: Google Ads Module

15: Facebook Advertising Module

16: Remarketing & Recall Ads Module

17: Advanced FB Advertising Strategy Module

18: Linkedin Advertising Module

19: Twitter Advertising Module

Specialisaton 2 : Social Media Marketing (8 Modules)

Module info & Overview

Module 20: Introduction to Social Media Marketing Module

21: Social Media Marketing Strategy Module

22: Facebook Business Marketing Module

23: Instagram Business Marketing Module

24: Twitter Business Marketing Module

25: Linkedin Marketing Module

26: Quora Marketing Module

27: Online Reputation Management & SM Tools

Specialisation 3 : Search Engine Optimization (5 Modules)

Module info & Overview

Module 28: Introduction to SEO Module

29: Keywords Planning & Research Module

30: SEO Content Writing Module

31: On Page SEO Module

32: Link Analysis & Off Page SEO Module

Online Earning (4 Modules)

Module info & Overview

Module 33: Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing Module

34: Earning as Affiliate Marketer Module

35: Making Money With Blogging Module

36: Earning as a Digital Marketing Freelancer Module